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Designing a Kitchen: 15 Expert Tips on How to Plan and Design a Kitchen

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Get expert tips on designing a functional, stylish, and efficient kitchen with essential design elements, layout ideas, and storage solutions for your dream kitchen.

When it comes to giving your kitchen a fresh new look, there are so many options for customizing the design to fit your style. From selecting the right cabinetry and counter top materials to creating a functional layout and choosing the best appliances for your needs, the possibilities are endless. 

With these fifteen expert tips, you can create an inviting and stylish kitchen that is sure to impress. 

1.  Establish a Functional Kitchen Layout

A great kitchen design starts with an effective layout that maximizes efficiency while still being aesthetically pleasing. Consider how you use your space on a daily basis when making decisions about where to place appliances or where to install cupboard units. Make sure there is enough room for cooks in the kitchen to move around easily, as well as plenty of countertop space for food preparation. 

2.  Choose Smart Kitchen Cabinetry 

Kitchen cabinets are often the main focal point of any room, so it’s important to choose ones that not only match your style but also provide maximum storage solutions. Look for cabinetry with adjustable shelves and drawers as well as durable materials such as wood or metal that can stand up against wear and tear over time. Integrate open shelving into your design if you want to make smaller items more accessible without taking up too much space. 

3.  Stick With Durable Countertop Materials 

Choosing the right countertop material is a major factor when designing a stylish yet functional kitchen space. Popular options include quartz, granite, marble, soapstone and laminate which are all incredibly durable materials that come in many colors and patterns. Be sure to choose something that fits both your budget and lifestyle while still looking chic in your home’s décor. 

4.  Consider Lighting When Designing A Kitchen 

Good lighting is essential in any kitchen but it’s often overlooked during the design process. Incorporate natural light when possible through large windows or skylights to brighten up the room while also providing energy efficiency benefits too. For artificial lighting consider adding recessed fixtures above the countertops paired with pendant lights above an island for extra illumination when needed.  

5.  Select The Best Appliances For Your Needs 

The right appliances can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your kitchen from functional yet dull space into something modern and efficient. Consider investing in high quality appliances such as stainless steel ovens or refrigerators that will last for years without needing any extra maintenance or repair costs down the line too. It’s also important not to go overboard on buying multiple gadgets because they may end up cluttering up your counter space instead of making life easier!  

6.  Don't Forget About Storage And Organization Solutions 

Having appropriate storage solutions is key when designing a functional kitchen layout that works for you on a daily basis. Utilize vertical wall racks, hanging baskets, and floating shelves so you can keep everything organized while saving valuable floor space at the same time too! If possible, invest in pull-out drawers rather than standard cabinets so you don’t have to worry about bending over every time you need something from underneath them either!  

7.  Invest In Quality Flooring And Tiles 

Your kitchen floor should be both practical yet stylish all at once. Meaning it should be able to handle spills without staining easily but also look good doing so! Consider using ceramic tiles since they are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Making them perfect for giving your kitchen an upgraded appearance without breaking the bank either! For added comfort underfoot opt for hardwood floors if budget allows.  However, it is important to take proper care of these types of floors, as they may require regular waxing and sealing, depending on their usage frequency and levels.

8.  Make Space For Kitchen Seating 

If you plan on having people over while cooking then seating becomes essential but don't worry this doesn't take away from precious floor space either! Built-in bench seating along one wall creates more seating area without taking away from other areas of functionality like walking around cooking surfaces. Alternatively opting for sleek bar stools tucked underneath islands or breakfast bars open up additional seating opportunities without sacrificing aesthetics either!  

9.  Make Room For The Sink 

No matter what kind of sink style works with your chosen design scheme make sure there's enough room for it - especially if two people will be using the sink at once (i .e . double bowl sinks require more clearance than single bowls).Install sinks close enough to each other to make dishwashing easy, but far enough apart to prevent them from bumping into each other while cleaning. This is particularly important when using ceramic models, which can chip or break if bumped against other hard objects.  

10.  Decide On A Backsplash 

Whether you choose a busy patterned tile or a minimalist glass backsplash, the right selection can tie together the entire look of your kitchen. A backsplash adds texture and character to the space while also protecting walls from grease splashes and other cooking messes. Plus, they are easy to clean! If you want a modern twist on traditional tile designs, consider opting for a custom printed tile pattern. Alternatively, you can choose a semi-gloss paint finish for a more industrial style.

11. Utilize Wall Space With Shelving And Hooks 

Refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers can take up a lot of wall space, but that doesn't mean there's no room for storage solutions. Installing floating shelves and hooks above major appliances is an ideal way to add storage without using up valuable floor space. These types of additions also help break up blank walls, making them look more interesting and inviting.

12.  Consider Easy-To-Maintain Textiles 

Cushions, tablecloths, and rugs can all add warmth to a kitchen, but they require regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. To make cleaning easier, opt for easy-care textiles such as machine-washable fabrics that won't be damaged by occasional spills. For added protection against messes, invest in a few wipeable placemats that can be easily replaced when needed.

13.  Choose Funky Pulls And Hardware 

Hardware is an inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. Choose funky pulls and handles that match your design scheme, whether it's modern, vintage, traditional, or something else entirely. Replacing boring knobs with unique ones can instantly refresh your kitchen look, and they're easy to change out if you ever tire of them. 

14.  Create A Splash With Color, Pattern, And Texture 

Adding color, pattern, and texture to a kitchen can break up blank walls, making them look more interesting and inviting. Consider adding wallpaper to an accent wall or painting it a bright hue, creating a fun tiled backsplash using different colors, installing open shelving painted in contrasting hues, or simply adding colorful accessories like kitchen towels and canisters to create visual appeal.

15.  Add Greenery For A Pop Of Nature 

Add greenery to your kitchen to bring nature inside without taking up floor space. Hang plants from the ceiling, install wall planters near window sills, and place countertop pots in areas with natural light but not too much direct sun. Succulents are low-maintenance and can survive with minimal watering, making them a great choice for busy households.

No matter what kind of design scheme you have in mind when designing a kitchen these tips will help you create a functional stylish space that reflects your own unique style! With careful planning and attention to detail you'll have a beautiful kitchen that is sure to be the envy of all your friends and family. So get creative and see what ideas you can come up with today! 


By following these tips, designing a kitchen can be an enjoyable experience. From establishing a functional layout and choosing smart cabinetry to selecting the best appliances for your needs, adding color, pattern, and texture for visual appeal, and investing in quality flooring. There are countless ways to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. 

Don't forget about storage solutions either. Consider easy-to-maintain textiles, funky pulls and hardware, greenery for a pop of nature as well as wall space with shelving and hooks. 

All of which will help make your kitchen a place you’ll love to spend time in. With a little bit of effort, you can create the perfect kitchen to suit your individual needs and style. 

Good luck! 

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